Conclusions and recommendations

The ASD-EAST project was extremely successful.

It developed a high-quality curriculum and materials based on teachers’ identified training needs.

It delivered training to 259 specialist teachers in Croatia, North Macedonia and Poland: this is more than double the number of teachers for which we initially planned.

Teachers have been overwhelmingly positive regarding the curriculum and materials: participation in ASD-EAST training has improved their knowledge and confidence, and they identify thevalue of such training for teachers, other professionals and parents alike.

As a result of undertaking this project we recommend that:

  • Appropriate Initial Training, Continuing Professional Development and support for teachers should be provided across Europe
  • It should be ensured that accurate understanding of autism and individualisation of learning and teaching are central to training provided
  • Training should be designed to ensure a holistic approach, and to provide teachers with the skills to work effectively with families and other professionals.

These recommendations are developed further within the ASD-EAST Policy Recommendations (O6).

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Dr David Preece, Dr Ivana Lessner Listiakova and Mr Paul Bramble (University of Northampton)

Dr Natalija Šegota Lisak, Dr Jasmina Stošić, Ms Matea Begić and Ms Sanja Aguila Muñoz (Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation, University of Zagreb)

Dr Joanna Kossewska, Dr Tamara Cierpiałowska, Dr Elżbieta Lubińska-Kościółek, Dr Anna Bombińska-Domżał, Dr Sylwia Niemiec and Ms Małgorzata Płoszaj (Pedagogical University of Kraków)

Dr Jasmina Troshanska and Ms Ana Petkovska Nikolovska (Autism Macedonia Blue Firefly)

Ms Aurélie Baranger, Ms Cristina Fernández and Ms Catherine Canil (Autism Europe)