The Project

The two-year project is expected to have a fundamental and lasting impact on specialist teachers’ skills in working with learners with autism and thus upon the lives, educational attainment, experiences and social inclusion of these children and young people themselves and their families.

By providing a differentiated and locally-appropriate curriculum and materials, as well as policy recommendations, the project’s results will be sustainable and can have long-lasting impact beyond the project lifetime, not only in the project countries but across the EU.

Tangible results arising from the project will comprise:

  • A Mapping Report outlining the current ‘state of the art’ in the project countries and more widely, identifying best practice in autism and areas for development (O1)
  • A model autism training curriculum and programme designed for training specialist educators (O2)
  • Differentiated and locally appropriate training materials (O3)
  • A full evaluation of the project, curriculum, programme and materials, identifying the impact of training upon teachers’ practice (O4)
  • Journal articles in a range of publications (O5)
  • Policy recommendations to support the exploitation of the materials (O6)
  • Training events in Croatia, Poland and the Republic of North Macedonia, delivering training to 30-40 specialist educators in each country
  • Teams of skilled trainers in each country with expertise and experience in delivering the training
  • Specialist teachers with improved skills, knowledge and abilities
  • Stakeholder conferences in Croatia, Poland and the Republic of North Macedonia (E1-3), as well as in Brussels (E4) disseminating the project findings to key stakeholders and policymakers, both national and international.


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