Primary School with Integrating Classes No. 12

Primary School with Integrating Classes No. 12 consists of two schools: Janusz Korczak Primary School with Integrating Classes no. 12 and Janusz Korczak Gymnasium with Integrating Classes no. 15.

Over 500 pupils attend the school, including 80 directed for special education in the integrating class system. The primary school comprises 21 classes, 8 of which are generally accessible and 13 are integrating classes; the gymnasium comprises 4 classes, 1 of them is generally accessible and 3 are integrating classes. Integrating classes consist of 20 students, including 3-5 disabled, teachers and students in these classes are supported by a special educator, so-called a supporting teacher.

There are currently 98 teachers and other specialists such as speech therapists, psychologists, special educators, rehabilitators employed at our school. There are 22 classrooms and labs, a gym, a biofeedback lab, a common room, a school canteen, a big and modern outside sports ground, and a playground.

The students’ success is evaluated accordingly to their personal intellectual and psycho-physical abilities. The school aims are: creating a pupil-friendly environment, creating the right pedagogical atmosphere, integration of disabled pupils with their peers, a comprehensive development of children to their maximal intellectual and mental capabilities.

Izabella Oliwia Galon

IIzabella Oliwia Galon is a teacher assistant working in a Primary School with Integration classes nr 12 in Cracow. She has been working for 15 years with children with special needs, especially children with autistic spectrum in Poland and England. She is focused on emotional and social development of children with special needs using behavioural-cognitive therapy in her work as well as rational behaviour therapy and storytelling  in reference to the difficulties experienced with autism spectrum disorder. She also conducts social and emotional skills training with children having Asperger’s Syndrome. Izabella is further involved in work focusing on cooperation with families and adult autistic people.

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Magdalena Mamczura

She is an English teacher at Primary School with Integrating Classes No. 12 in Cracow. She has been teaching English for 7 years, in all kinds of schools and at all levels, from kindergarten children and primary school to adults.

She graduated from the University of Silesia in Katowice (BA) and  the Tischner European University in Cracow (MA). In her work as a teacher she tries to  engage the whole class, and she doesn’t allow a few students to dominate the class. She knows that each student learns in a unique way and how much students depend on her for support, encouragement and inspiration. She motivates and inspires students to learn through using ICT in the classroom. She is involved in Erasmus + Project: SNIDeR - Special Needs, use ICT, Drop papers.

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Beata Palej

Beata Palej is a teacher assistant working in a Primary School with Integration classes nr 12 in Cracow. She has been working for 16 years. For three years she worked with children in School and Therapy Center from Children with ASD. She graduated from the Pedagogical University of Cracow, post-graduate studies  in the field of speech therapy. She completed a specialized course and is certified as a Social Skills Training therapist and Behavioural Therapy. She conducts individual therapeutic classes for children with ASD at home to support the proper functioning of the family. She also works in the Coordination, Rehabilitation and Care Centre, which supports children with disabilities and those at risk of disability and their families. The aid is intended for children from birth to school time.

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Halina Firlit

Halina Firlit is a teacher, educator and therapist. For 15 years she worked in care and educational institutions (orphanage). She graduated from the Jagiellonian University at the Jagiellonian University and post-graduate studies at the Pedagogical University of Krakow in the field of special education, pedagogical boarding and speech therapy. SHe has been working for 10 years in Primary School with Integration Units No. 12 in Krakow as a special educator and for the past 2 years she has been the deputy director. She conducts individual therapeutic classes for children with speech disorders, dyslexia and ASD. She completed a specialized course and is certified as a Social Skills Training therapist. In addition to teaching, she is involved in the work of the Students' Self-Government and organizes various social campaigns together with students.

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