29 09, 2020

Republic of North Macedonia

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Препорака од специјален едукатор и рехабилитатор – Кои се моите впечатоци од ASD-EAST тренингот? (Билјана Стерјадовска-Стојевска, 16 мин. 33 сек.) Специјален едукатор и рехабилитатор, Монтесори педагог, вработена во посебно училиште. Таа зборува за тоа како ASD-EAST тренингот влијаеше врз нејзинара работа. Teacher testimonial – What are my impressions of ASD-EAST [...]

29 09, 2020


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Lokalny wpływ szkoleń/Local impact of the ASD-EAST trainings in Poland Nauczyciele z lokalnych szkół, którzy uczestniczyli w szkoleniach pilotażowych ASD-EAST, dzielą się swoimi doświadczeniami związanymi ze szkoleniem oraz wpływem szkolenia na ich klasę i zmiany w nauczaniu. Teachers from local schools who attended the ASD-EAST pilot trainings share [...]

29 09, 2020


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Iskustva polaznika / Teacher Testimonials Ovo su dojmovi nekih od naših polaznika o edukaciji. Interview with local teachers about their experience of the training and the impact on their classroom, changes in their teaching. Poveznica na video / Link to video (3 min 46 sec, HR) https://youtu.be/FYk2MElBMTw [...]

21 10, 2019

“The ASD-EAST training has made me more confident in my job by providing me with further education and knowledge”

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Name: Emilija Zafirova Petkov Profile: Special educator and rehabilitator Country: North Macedonia Why are you interested in the project? I am a special educator and rehabilitator and I work with children with different disabilities. Every child is an individual specific to himself or herself in a [...]

15 03, 2019

“With ASD-EAST I expect to strengthen our employees in providing services and raise the quality of work of the mobile team”

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Name: Žarka Klopotan Profile: Professional (Director of the Center for Autism) Country: Croatia Why are you interested in the project? Participating in European projects is a great opportunity for development of the Center for Autism and my personal and professional development as head of the institution. [...]

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