Name: Žarka Klopotan

Profile: Professional (Director of the Center for Autism)

Country: Croatia

Why are you interested in the project?

Participating in European projects is a great opportunity for development of the Center for Autism and my personal and professional development as head of the institution. Through Erasmus + projects where the Center for Autism was a partner, I gained new information and knowledge, met experts from other countries and gained insight into their professional work and issues. Also, through European projects, I got to know about work process and good practice in different schools that dealing with teaching students with Aautism and other developmental difficulties in England. This has enabled us to improve the quality of our own work in Center.

Also, my co-operation with families has been strengthened and I became aware that it was necessary to provide constant support to parents and other members of the family in their daily lives with children or adult with autism.

What is the project’s most valuable information/tool for you?

ASD-EAST is the current Erasmus + project in our Center. From this project I expect to strengthen our employees in providing services and raise the quality of work of the mobile team of the Center for Autism. The special value of European projects is to raise the community’s awareness about the needs of people with ASD and their families and to notify the decision makers. They have the power to improve conditions and build a quality education system and overall care and ensure the necessary protection and equal rights of persons with disabilities.

To conclude, I would point out that it is necessary to continue to highlight the particularity and complexity of the autism spectrum disorders throughout the projects. And doing that, we contribute to getting the right and proper support and a better position in the community.