By I. Lessner Listiakova, D. Preece, J. Stošić, N. Lisak, J. Troshanska & J. Kossewska

This study was undertaken by the academic partners within the ASD-EAST project (the University of Zagreb, the Pedagogical University of Krakow, Autism Macedonia Blue Firefly and the University of Northampton during autumn/winter of 2018-19. he study was undertaken gathering both quantitative survey data and qualitative focus group data, gathered from both mainstream and special education teachers. The quantitative dataset comprises data from 294 teachers:

  • 103 (35%) from Croatia,
  • 73 (25%) from North Macedonia,
  • 118 (40%) from Poland.

One hundred and thirty-seven (47%) worked in mainstream schools, while 157 (53%) worked in special education systems. The qualitative dataset comprised of participant from six focus groups, one with teachers from mainstream schools and one with teachers from specialised settings in each country.

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