Fernandez, C. & Canil, C. (2020) ASD-EAST: empowering teachers to foster inclusion of autistic children. Project Repository Journal, 6, 76-79.

Abstract. ASD‐EAST (Autism Spectrum Disorder-Empowering and Supporting Teachers) is the first trans‐European partnership specifically focusing on improving the skills of specialist educators in Central/Eastern/Balkan settings. Running until August 2020 and coordinated by the University of Northampton, this innovative Erasmus+ project has united a partnership of schools, academics and governmental and non‐ governmental organisations to support effective inclusion of children on the autism spectrum. Autism Spectrum Disorders impact all aspects of the person’s experience as lifelong condition, including how they learn. Such autistic children and young people share common education needs with all others and are entitled to appropriate education. However, they have specific and special needs regarding the characteristic difficulties they face with communication, social understanding, inflexibility and sensory processing. Education is the key intervention for this group, and meaningful access to effective education is crucial.

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