Kossewska, J., Preece, D., Lisak, N., Bombińska-Domżał, A., Cierpiałowska, T., Lessner Lištiaková, I., Lubińska-Kościółek, E., Niemiec, S., Płoszaj, M., Stošić, J. & Troshanska, J. (2019) Training needs in the field of autism of contemporary Polish teachers in the context of the international ASD-EAST project. Social Welfare: Interdisciplinary Approach, 1(9) 82-92.

Abstract. The paper presents the results of the part of an international survey on teachers’ opinion on autism characteristics and specific educational approach and treatment. Research was undertaken in Poland under the auspices of ASD-EAST project using quantitative and qualitative methods. The results showed the significant differences in teachers’ perception on autism regarding to the school settings they worked in. The strong need for special training in the field of ASD was also expressed by teachers.

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